Downtown/Main Plant - 2101 G Street


What Makes Us Better

It’s difficult to explain what makes us different without first explaining what drycleaning is. “Dry Cleaning” means to clean clothes in a liquid that is not water. Most cleaners use chemical solvents, but at Hangers we use liquid CO2, which is environmentally friendly, and can’t be left behind in the clothes. Best of all, with this process clothes are never heated during the cleaning process. Our cool cleaning process means less shrinkage, and brighter, fresher, longer lasting, and just plain happier clothes, with no cleaning odor.

What do other cleaners use? Since WWII most cleaners have used perchloroethylene, also known as tetrachloroethylene, but it is considered a possible human carcinogen, and it is a ground water contaminant, so cleaners today are moving away from it. Drycleaners before WWII used a petroleum based solvent, and today some cleaners are going back to petroleum solvents, also known as “hydrocarbon”. Still others use a silicone based solvent, decamethylyclopentasiloxane, which is hard to pronounce, so they call it “Green Earth”. For more information on these solvent options, you can go to SF Environmental.

Note that using CO2 for drycleaning does not contribute to extra CO2 in the atmosphere. First of all, the amount is small, but secondly, the CO2 we use is reclaimed from industrial processes such as Ethanol manufacturing. If we weren’t using it, it would be in the atmosphere already. By contrast, carbon based solvents such as perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon do lead to extra CO2 in the atmosphere and do contribute to smog.

Another difference is in our shirt laundry. Most cleaners use a method where they tie the shirts into a log, with the collars at one end, and the cuffs at the other. This provides quick, thorough cleaning as those two soil areas get beaten against the washer as the log tumbles in the machine. At Hangers we don’t tie shirts into logs. Instead, we put shirts into a protective bag, which means we have to wash them longer to get them clean, but it also means the shirts will last a lot longer.

For extra convenience, at Hangers, our stores have night drop boxes for after hours clothes drops. To use it, ask for one of our Express Bags with your name on it, then it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Our specialty, though, is our free pickup and delivery. We offer twice a week service to the city, and we deliver to you in an environmentally friendly CNG powered van, the only cleaners in Lincoln that does.