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Free Pickup And Delivery

People love Pickup and Delivery
It becomes automatic, and it saves time and money. You never need to worry about dropping off or picking up the cleaning again. All that, and it’s free (In fact, better than free – see below!). There are no hidden charges.

How does it work?
We give you a bright blue bag, you put your clothes in it, then on your delivery day, you set it outside on your porch, or in a designated place. Then a few days later your clothes are back, cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. 

When is my delivery day?
Almost all parts of Lincoln get twice a week service. For some it’s Monday-Thursday, and for others it is Tuesday-Friday.  We’ll let you know for sure as a part of getting you started. If you put clothes out on a Monday, they return on Thursday. If you put them out on Thursday, they return on Monday.

What if I don’t have clothes regularly?
If you will have clothes irregularly, no problem. We still give you the blue bag and set you up. Just text our driver or call him at 402-430-3218 when you have a pickup, and he’ll stop by on your next delivery day.

How do I pay? What if no one is home?
We keep your credit card on file, so we never collect at delivery, and no one needs to be home.  We can also pick up at your office if you prefer.

Did I say free? Let’s make it better than Free!
To sign up, call or text 402-430-3218, and tell us that you read about it on the web,  
or just fill out the easy form above, and we’ll give you 10% off on every order until the end of 2018! 

Don’t take just take our word for it. Here is what real customers have said:
Thank you so much for the excellent service, rain, snow or shine. J&C
Thanks for picking up our drycleaning each week! The R Family
You guys give me the best service. I just love Hangers. L

Sign up for Better-than-Free Pickup and Delivery Today!