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About Us

In 1902 a Cleaners was founded in Lincoln known as "Globe Quality Cleaners". It was owned by the Spiers family until 1985 when it was sold to the Rohman family. They continued to operate it as "Globe Quality Cleaners" until 2000 when the name was changed to Hangers Cleaners to reflect the new technology of cleaning clothes in liquid CO2, but the ownership remains unchanged. The Rohman family remains committed to providing quality drycleaning to the city of Lincoln. There are several other cleaners around the country operating under the name Hangers Cleaners. Each one is independently owned and there is no direct relation between them, however, every Hangers Cleaners shares two common goals, to provide high quality cleaning and service, and to do so in an environmentally friendly way. Hangers Cleaners was the first cleaner in Lincoln to offer Free Pickup and Delivery. They, and their predecessor, Globe Quality Cleaners, have been offering Free Pickup and Delivery to Lincoln for 50 years. Give it a try today, and take advantage of our special introductory offer.

Our Services

Hangers Cleaners is a full service cleaner. With the exception of large rugs, dress hats and cowboy hats, if it can be cleaned, we can probably clean it. All of these services are available at all our stores, and we also offer drycleaning and laundry service pick up and delivery. Here are some of our specialties:

Doctor Coats

Most commercial laundries just wash them and steam them, and they look limp and terrible. Our price is $6.30, but for that we remove spots and stains, add a touch of starch, and immaculately press them. Doctors who want to look their best choose Hangers.

Hand-pressed tablecloths

For those special holiday affairs, or other events where you want only the finest, we hand press linen and lace tablecloths. If you provide a roller, we can even roll the tablecloth onto it so that when you put the tablecloth on your table there are no creases at all.


If you are looking for cowboy-starched jeans that stand up on their own, Hangers is the place

Special items

If you have something odd, we can probably clean it. Backpacks, purses, baseball caps, hand embroidered items that need blocking, you name it, we can probably clean it.


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